The Rue Adventuring Company

Professional adventuring is a time-honored tradition here at the Rue Adventuring Company. We pride ourselves on not only providing unparalleled service but with hiring and training the next generation of heroes. Whether you are looking to obtain a rare arcane artifact or need a knowledgeable guide through hostile territory, we have the right party for you.

List of available services

  • Cartography services for every budget
  • Guided tours through all territories we offer cartography services for
  • Teleportation sigils between all our offices for fastest delivery of items and parties-for-hire
  • Heirloom cartography creations
  • Navigation instruments sold
  • Rare & unique items procured
  • Rare & unique items bought and sold
  • Survival training
  • Tour guide training

Now Hiring

Do you consider yourself of an adventurous nature? Are you looking for exciting work traveling to exotic places? Do you revel in the prospect of a challenge? Are you the type to laugh in the face of danger? Or perhaps you seek fame and glory? Or perhaps you would like to simply earn a good amount of gold. Regardless of the reason why anyone looks for such work, the Rue Adventuring Company hires either on a job-by-job basis or employs full-time adventurers with amazing benefits, including life insurance!

About Our Founder

When one thinks of cartography, one thinks Rue. Born in the wilds, Rue was instantly drawn not only to exploring nature but documenting it in an efficient and artistic manner. Seeing that her drawings helped other adventurers and scholars alike, Rue quickly realized she would need to work with others to gather as much information about various territories as she was being hired to explore. She founded the Rue Adventuring Company and began training others how to document the worlds they explored.

From the humble beginnings of but a small party of adventurers to an empire that expands the globe and beyond, Rue Adventuring Company has become synonymous with cartography services, navigation instruments, and maps.